November 20

Aliens Are Around

Deep in the explored vast areas of space there live or lived unidentified life forms.  Even though there are many doubters, alien lifeforms probably have existed.  Evidence of how water used to be on Mars and an eerie picture of a woman-like figure on Mars suggest this idea.

First of all, curiosity, a Mars rover has taken a picture of a woman-like figure.  Many conspiracy theorists believe that this is a real life alien. Some people believe that this is a statue created by Martians.  Others think it is just a rock formation that happens to look like a woman.  Whatever the picture really is, it is up to the viewer to decide.

Secondly, traces of water have been found on Mars.  All living things need water to survive.  This might suggest that life forms have once been on Mars.  The water evidence collected by rovers contribute to the idea of aliens.

It doesn’t really make sense that the only planet with life in the entire Milky Way galaxy is Earth.  The fact that a woman like structure and traces of water have been found on Mars cause one to believe that aliens are around.




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