October 30


bitmoji-20151029183305 copy

I created my avatar with the “Bitmoji” app to look similar to me.  The avatar has similar hair, eyes, and facial features as me.  The avatar waves with a smile on his face.  This represents my perpetual happiness.  Also, the black sweatshirt is similar to the one that I own.

October 30


In my opinion, guidelines are extremely important.  When commenting, one should refrain form the use of “u” and “lol”.  As a result, the blog owner may want to avoid a conversation with the person who commented.

October 27

Activity 1

I’m xxxxx when on the Internet, but in real life I am AidanB.

I am a student who enjoys sports and reading. When I am online, I am the same as when in real life in real life.  I’m relatively quiet which goes for when I am online.